"Vish-K," whose legal name is Kevin Edosomwan, was born in Houston, Texas. Vish-K resides in Atlanta, Georgia where he's lived since 1998. He initially heard "Southern Music" on the radio around this same time, and became hooked. It was a different "lingo" than what he was accustomed to hearing. Growing up In the 90's, and early 2000's it was North coast Hip-Hop and Rap, that dominated the radio, and television air ways at this time. The changes in scenery gave Vish-K the experience he needed to maneuver and cultivate his talent. To the point their's no reason he shouldn't continue his passion and love of music. To date Vish-K has performed at numerous local Venues in Atlanta, Georgia. The "Atrium," "Royal Peacock," "The City," and many more. Vish-K is currently in the studio working hard for his fans, with his upcoming album titled "Lucky Turned Favored." The album will be available July 24th, 2020 on all music platforms.